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NCSFA General Rules


Last amended at the AGM 2018.

1 Name of the Association
This association shall be called the Northern Counties Schools’ Football Association

2 Aims of the Association

(a) The mental, moral and physical development and improvement of schoolboys  and girls through the medium of Association Football.

(b) To help teachers’ charities and such other charitable purposes to such an extent as shall be recommended by the Annual General Meeting

(c) To promote and govern the game of Association Football within its area in accordance with the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Football Association Ltd, and as modified and adapted by the English Schools Football Association to which the Association shall be affiliated.

3 Membership
Membership shall be open to properly constituted County Schools Football associations in Northern England and Welsh Associations accepted under Competition rule 5, and which are in affiliated membership with the ESFA. No County Schools FA shall be eligible for affiliation if already in membership of any other County Schools’ Federation at under 16 or 18 level.

4 Life membership
Life membership of the Association may, by resolution at a General meeting of the Association, be conferred on any member who has rendered outstanding service to the Association.

5 Fees
Annual affiliation fees shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting.

6 Officers of the Association
The Officers of the Association shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected annually, plus the ex-Chairman.

7 Management
(a) The affairs of the Association shall be controlled by the Officers assisted by such sub-committees as the Annual Meeting shall deem necessary.

(b) All such sub committees to include one representative from each league, who shall be appointed bi-annually by rotation of counties, travelling costs to be borne by their own association.

(c) The quorum for Annual Meetings shall be one third of Counties in membership

(d) In the event of the association being dissolved, the Officers shall realise the property and assets and call in all monies due to the association and after discharge of all liabilities hand the surplus to such charitable institutions or charities as shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting called for that purpose.

8 Finance
The financial year shall end on April 30 each year.

9 Alteration to Rules
Notice of alterations and additions to rules, proposed and seconded by representatives of two different affiliated County Schools’ F.A.s must be submitted to the Hon Secretary no later than May 1st each year.

10 Annual General Meeting
(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held no later than the end of the month of June.

(b) Where a vote on any issue relating to the Competitions or the General Rules is concerned, voting rights shall be as follows:

  • One vote per county for each team entered in a competition in the past season.
  • Life Members in attendance one vote each
  • ESFA Council Members in attendance one vote each
  • Elected Officers of the Association one vote each

(c) The Hon. Secretary shall give notice by letter of the date and venue of the AGM. He shall also circularise all items of business to be transacted at least fourteen days before the AGM

11 Extraordinary General Meeting
EGMs shall be called at the request of:
a) The Executive Committee
b) Any four affiliated County FAs

And at least fourteen days notice shall be given of any such meeting.

12 Standing Orders
Standing orders as per E.S.F.A.